24-28 JULY 2024

Become a Silicon Valley Insider in one week.

Get access to a community of experienced alumni and mentors, networking events, and learn first-hand insights from Silicon Valley-based Big Tech professionals, investors, and tech entrepreneurs.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Regular Decision I: candidates notified by May 31, 2024
Regular Decision II: candidates notified by June 30, 2024

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The Silicon Valley Fellowship is a program to get fast-tracked into Silicon Valley ​through workshops, private community and networking events held in and around the cities of the San ​Francisco Bay Area.

It’s a deep dive into the expertise of heads of Global tech ​corporations, professors of top world ranked universities, and ​founders of successful companies.

This experience has already inspired hundreds of fellows ​and has changed the lives of many who are ready to tell ​their stories. With it, we strive to shape the next professional, academic ​and entrepreneurial class.



It is no surprise that Silicon Valley tends to be pretty self-selective because it attracts very particular kinds of people. People who are generally very ambitious, hardworking, and passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and challenging the status quo.

Silicon Valley Fellowship is not for everyone, especially if you already live here and have extensive Silicon Valley experience and network. But it's designed to accelerate people who are considering moving here, launching a company, or learning the best insights and applying them elsewhere.

We believe that you will benefit from the program if you are:
A professional who is considering launching a startup in Silicon Valley or anywhere else (and interested in raising money from Silicon Valley-based investors).
An entrepreneur, manager, or startup founder, who wants to expand their professional network and learn the most modern best practices in innovation, technology, management, and company building.
A student or young professional, considering moving here at some point in your life to boost or start a career in tech.

Application Process

Complete the online application.
If you get accepted, you get an invitation to the interview.
You will receive all the details necessary to finalize your participation if a fit exists.
Time to book the flight!

What to expect

Industry-Leader TalksHeads of world-leading companies delivering talks and sharing their expertise on-site. Academics fast-tracking you into their area of expertise, sharing its most critical advances and drawbacks.

Visits to companies and UniversitiesSpending half a day in the life of Google employees, Amazon Engineers, Stanford academics, investors and founders.

Networking opportunitiesLke several alumni, during the fellowship you could meet your co-founder, personal mentor or earn a referral.
Slack communityAccess to our main internal communication channel where you will find opportunities, referrals, job postings and a chance to dialogue with mentors, get a visa and meet your co-founder.

Mentors network

All the selected mentors have extensive Silicon Valley experience.

Mentor Danielle Strachman
Founder & General Partner at 1517 Fund
Mentor Massimo Malizia
Director of Corporate Development at Cisco Systems
Mentor Irene Mingozzi
Principal at E12 Ventures
Mentor Cory Levy
Founder of Z-Fellows
Mentor Andrea Esposito
Program Manager at Tesla
Mentor Mattia Toso
Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
Mentor Frank Hysa
Director of Innovation at Capgemini
Mentor Giacomo Marini
Co-Founder of Logitech
Mentor Jeff Cabili
Stanford Lecturer
Mentor Stefano Baldassi
Senior UX Quantitative Researcher at Google
Mentor Angelo Pietrosanti
CFO at Ducati North America





Years of activity

Thanks to the Silicon Valley Study Tour, this program has ignited ​inspiration and successfully guided over 1000 alumni to the heart of ​Silicon Valley over the past 20 years, spanning 50+ editions.

Over the ​years, a consistent theme emerges: alumni return home with transformed ​mindsets and fresh ideas. Many have indeed subsequently launched new ​companies, embarked on academic pursuits, or secured positions in ​Silicon Valley.

Alumni testimonials

“Untitled has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to spin up projects faster.”
“Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support.”
“Untitled has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to spin up projects faster.”
“We’ve been using Untitled to kick start every new project and can’t work without it.”
“Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support.”
“Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support.”

Alumni testimonials

Click on the names to read the full testimony.
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Fellow Joseph Perrotta
SVF February 2024
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I could never have imagined that a short time such as six days could be so impactful and completely change my perception of myself and the world.
In these six days, I had the opportunity to talk to and hear the stories of amazing individuals who work in Silicon Valley.

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Fellow Riccardo Lionetto
SVF February 2024
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The starting point? Having an idea. Easy. I needed to fly to Silicon Valley to truly understand what it takes to make the next step, by listening to passionate and driven people who have been willing to sleep in garages, to be out of money and therefore eat instant noodles, to bet everything on a flight to SF.
Sgave me the opportunity of questioning, strengthen my perspective and learning.

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Fellow Angelica Iacovelli
SVF October 2023
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The Silicon Valley Fellowship has been a big source of inspiration for my entrepreneurial journey.
I highly recommend it because it provides a chance to connect with a network of fellows and mentors full of inspiring stories and experiences.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Silicon Valley Fellowship.
Is my acceptance to a batch transferable to another one?
If you get accepted but can't participate, you can make a down payment to reserve your spot for the following Silicon Valley Fellowship batches. If you can't make a down payment, you will need to go through the acceptance process again.
How selective is the Silicon Valley Fellowship program?
The program is fairly competitive. For example, the April cohort had only 20 spots available, but we received over 200 applications and filled the cohort well before the application deadline. Historically, the application to participation rate was around 10-15%, but it has since decreased to approximately 10% due to high demand and our commitment to enhancing the quality of our cohorts. Based on our most recent numbers, we estimate that the application to participation rate may decrease to around 5% starting from July 2024.
Are there scholarships available?
Gomry has created the Next Gen Fund to invest in talented individuals with financial need to join the program.
Through it, we're empowering the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Offering financial support that ranges from partial coverage to full funding for courses, flights, and accommodation (possibly at the Gomry House). Every application is unique, and we'll assess each on its merit and need until all spots are filled and the budget is exhausted.
Please note that the selection process is highly competitive, and evidence of exceptional achievements is a prerequisite.
Applicants can apply for financial aid after their acceptance.
Which visa do I need and how do I apply for it?
If you are not a US citizen and your country is part of the Visa Waiver Program, you are able to enter the United States for business or tourism without a visa for up to 90 days. Check out eligibility on the ESTA website. If an ESTA does not fit your situation, check out the visas page by the U.S. Embassy.
Who organizes the Silicon Valley Fellowship? And why?
The Silicon Valley Fellowship is organized by Gomry, a San Francisco-based (well, to be more specific, Gomry House-based) tech startup started here in 2022 by Erick, Tommaso, and Patrick.

At Gomry, we build tools to help over 600 communities across the US and Europe manage their events, payments, and day-to-day operations. We believe that "eating our own dog food" is critical to shipping great products, and shipping products that are useful first and foremost to us is an invaluable advantage we have.

Silicon Valley Fellowship (SVF) is the community we've dreamed about starting for a long time. We get to strengthen relationships with our mentors, impressive individuals with extensive Silicon Valley experience, and get to know young talent from around the world through this program. In addition, it offers deserving individuals from all over the world an opportunity to build their networks in Silicon Valley and make new great friendships in the process.

We have been incredibly helped by this place that has benefited us in so many ways. From the moment we met and started Gomry here, to finding our first clients who were willing to trust young founders like us at the very beginning when no one else did, to gaining insights and best practices by meeting people working on products similar to ours, to connecting with great investors who believed in us super early, and to meeting a never-ending flow of super talented, self-selected people. We believe in the magical, intoxicating power of America and Silicon Valley. We've seen how strong it is first-hand. We have received so much from it, and being in the position to help new people find their own way in this place is not just a great privilege but also a mission that inspires us every day.
Does the participation to Silicon Valley Fellowship grant
me a work visa?
No, the Silicon Valley Fellowship itself does not provide job opportunities and consequent visas, but joining our network will grant you introductions, referrals, exclusive job opportunities, and a platform to talk to mentors and other fellows.
What does a day of the Silicon Valley Fellowship look like?
Programs are customized according to the participants' interests and, for this reason, are different for each batch. Download an example of the program from our website, or get in touch with the fellows from the past editions!
Ready to book the flight?
24-28 July 2024. Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Regular Decision I: candidates notified by May 31, 2024
Regular Decision II: candidates notified by June 30, 2024

Questions? Reach out: